I Solve Puzzles for a Better Tomorrow

Bridging Strategy and Creation since 1996. Trying to make the world a better place. Jack of All Trades, Master of Some.

“The only thing that is constant, is change.”

Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that, you know. And when I found my life increasingly proving him right, I started to embrace change rather than trying to control it. In fact, nowadays I seize every opportunity to invite change into my life. After all, you don’t perform the same workout every day, do you?

Currently, I devote my time to various projects: brand positioning for a sustainable design agency, creative consultancy for a medical start-up and communication strategy for an NGO. The consultancy for artists & ensembles I started with composer/musicologist Anthony Fiumara a few years ago is still going strong. But I also released the sustainability start-up I co-founded. You can’t win ’em all, I suppose.

Life before COVID-19 was equally fascinating, by the way. I worked as a Communication Advisor for an EU-funded sustainability project. I also released an album of originals with one band, then trucked to France to perform covers with another. I returned to teaching after years, giving Masterclasses at Conservatoires and Universities. I moved from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam to the peace and quiet of a seaside town.

It made me want to start growing my own vegetables. And so I started a vegetable garden in my back yard — just when the first wave hit. Now that we’re approaching the lockdown’s first anniversary it occurs to me that social distancing has actually helped me focus on nature’s wondrous cycle.

This real-life Groundhog Day really hammered the message home: I like change. Fortunately, it likes me too.

You made it this far, let’s do coffee!

Or tea, if you prefer. It doesn’t really matter. Just bring yourself and a good topic of conversation to the table and we’ll take it from there.